The BIH Bioportal Single Cells

We run the BIH Bioportal Single Cells in house as part of the BIH Clinical Single Cell Sequencing (CSCS) pipeline. The CSCS connects relevant core facilities into an integrated service workflow. The BIH CSCS Pipeline is available to the entire BIH/Charité/MDC faculty, and also to external customers. The BIH Bioportal Single Cells provides an interface between surgery, translational single cell applications, sequencing facilities, and bioinformatics/databases.

We assist in procuring fresh surgical tissue in close coordination with surgery and pathology or neuropathology, organize tissue transport, and provide pseudonymized patient data in accordance with data protection guidelines.

We advise scientists on the planning of single cell analyses, including information on ethical votes, data protection, sequencing, and data storage.

We also offer single cell analyses of snap-frozen and FFPE tissue cohorts.


Initial contact Bioportal and Clinical Single Cell workflows:
Dr. Alexandra Trinks
Telefon:+49 (0)30 450 636 047


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